NEWCup noodle Seafood & Curry – famous Japan flavors

11.07.2017 | Category, Costa Mesa, CA Store News, Houston, TX Store News, Torrance, CA Store News

Nissin foods usa started production for new flavors, "Seafood" and "Curry" famous flavor in Japan. Available in Seiwa market. ...
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Houston, TX Store 1st Anniversary BIG SALE 9/1(Fri)-9/10(Sun)

08.24.2017 | Category, Houston, TX Store News

オープン一周年際 記念セール! 詳しくは HOUSTON店へ...
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WOW! Taste of Japanese Roll Cakes have Just Arrived from California!

05.18.2017 | Category, Houston, TX Store News

The BEST Japanese Roll Cake in Town. Please try them at Seiwa Market Houston.   Cream Roll Cake Matcha Roll Cake Strawberry Roll Cake Chocolate Roll Cake $15.99 each     オーナーシェフ:ヒガシ シゲキ Owner Chef: Shigeki Higashi   「日本仕立てのロールケーキがカリフォルニアからやってきました!」 クリーム味、...
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"TEXAS" size Hand Roll Sushi with Tasty Japanese Sake! Try our "TEXAS" size house made hand roll sushi with Dassai (獺祭) the world famous sake from Asahishuzo. Yamaguchi, Japan. We also carry many kinds of uniqueness "Jizake". Our sushi are freshly made every day! See "yall" at Seiwa Market Houston store!   『テキサスサイズの特製手巻き寿司、美味しい日本酒とどうぞ!』 ボリュームたっぷりテキサスサイズの特製手巻き寿司、世界に誇る銘酒、 山口県旭酒造の『獺祭(だっさい)』と一緒にお楽しみく...
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